Finding Quality Caregivers for the Home

When looking for caregivers for your parents or elderly loved ones living at home, there is a lot at stake. Will the caregiver be dependable? Will the caregiver be trustworthy? Will the caregiver be attentive to your loved one’s needs?

You can trust that caregivers at assisted living facilities, such as Country Home Assisted Living in Parker, have been properly screened and vetted. But when the job of hiring a person is up to you, it can present a challenge. And it’s crucial to the success of your elderly loved one being able to stay in their home for as long as possible.

Last month, I outlined 6 of the characteristics that I look for in the quality caregivers at Country Home. Today, I want to add a couple more comments in hopes that it will help you if you are hiring someone for a stay-at-home situation.

First, make sure the caregiver gets along with your elderly family member or friend.

Second, make sure that the caregiver gets along with the senior individual’s family. This is crucial. If people are unable to build a friendship and quality relationship, it could develop into many future problems.

Here are several other thoughts for finding quality caregivers:

Hire someone who can complement the care provided by the family. You want your caregiver to be able to quickly and simply address any issues that come up without adding stress to the family. You also want your caregiver to step up and do the right thing while also being able to diplomatically deal with any family disagreements.

You want the caregiver to make sure your elderly loved ones still feel their home is a place of warmth and love. This can be achieved in simple ways, such as putting a warm blanket over chilly legs, dishing up a bowl of ice cream as an afternoon treat or making sure the TV is turned on for their favorite shows. Caregivers who pay attention to what some might consider the little things in life can make a huge difference.

Keep an open mind when looking for an appropriate caregiver. With our aging population and extended life spans, the need for quality caregivers will continue to grow. Although women have traditionally filled this role, they aren’t the only ones stepping up to provide the compassionate care our elderly need. You might consider interviewing men and even a senior who wants to make caring for the elderly a second career.

I hope these ideas help as you look for someone to become a part of your senior’s dependable and reliable support system. If you’d also like to look at an assisted living facility in the South Denver metro area, please give Country Home Assisted Living a call at 303.840.1986. We’d love to give you a tour of our rural setting in Elbert County.


Next month we’ll look at techniques caregivers – and you – can use to avoid burnout.