Country Home Enters 2018 With New Faces

New faces join us as we begin a New Year at Country Home Assisted Living in Parker.

Unfortunately, we said goodbye to some real sweethearts in 2017, including June Weil, who died Oct. 30 after six years at Country Home; one of our caregivers, who provided great care to our residents for two years; and, of course, Romeo, my beloved Bichon Frise, who left us in June after giving all his love and energy to our residents for 13 years.

In their place, we have added a new caregiver and one new resident, 86-year-old LaVon Parke. We hope they will enjoy the wonderful country atmosphere and friendly residents found at Country Home.

And, of course, there’s Mr. Poppers, a Bichon Frise who joined us at our Elbert County assisted living facility in November.

So, we look forward to the New Year and what it will bring. At the same time, we always enjoy looking back at the previous year and the activities and events that were held at Country Home Assisted Living.

In 2017, we once again enjoyed the performance of Steven St. James, a professional entertainer who performed our Christmas party.

Several months earlier, some amazing Halloween decorations brightened our days as we looked forward to that haunting holiday.




Spring and summer were filled with activity as we decorated Easter eggs, planted a flower victory garden, watched three loose cows roam onto our property and held an Appreciation Day.






In between all of these events, we had our normal birthday celebrations, lunch outings and art projects, including the creation of face masks. Of course, one bittersweet birthday was last February, when we celebrated June Weil’s 92 birthday. Little did we know, it would be her last.

And, of course, there were the regularly scheduled events, including weekly music therapy with Amy Wilson, a board-certified music therapist; our weekly library program; and our weekly piano program with Seth Drake and Andrew Schindler.  These events will continue in the new year. In fact, you can few our music therapy program on Martin Luther King Day by clicking here.

So, we welcome 2018 with open arms as we look forward to new residents, group outings, celebrations and much more!