National Family Caregivers Month

November is National Family Caregivers Month, a time when all Americans are encouraged to acknowledge and pay tribute to those individuals who look after their elderly family members, friends and neighbors.

As someone who has been caring for seniors for almost 20 years at Country Home Assisted Living in Parker, Colorado, I am always happy to recognize those who take care of others, especially the elderly.

Children often sacrifice quite a bit when their parents become elderly. Some even go so far as to quit their jobs and move their parents into their homes to give them the love, care and support they need.

Others spend some of their well-earned financial resources to provide for different types of accommodations, such as those offered by Country Home, an assisted living facility located in a country setting in Elbert County.

I believe the quality of life is always better when family members and friends are involved in the care of elderly loved ones.

As the owner of Country Home Assisted Living, I encourage family members and friends to come and visit at our quaint residence. Better yet, they are also welcome to take their loved ones out for a drive, a meal or an outing.

I love seeing families together, and the joy that their relationship brings to the younger and older generations. These times that are spent together will also create many memories that will be cherished long into the future.

So, whether you are caring for your loved one in your home, or in retirement community or assisted living facility, take time out of each week or month to create some special moments that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

And, as we enter this season of thanksgiving, I thank all those individuals who so carefully look after their loved ones. It’s not always an easy task, yet it is so important.

So, thank you for your dedication to your loved ones and happy Thanksgiving.