Surviving the Storm

Surviving the Storm

Wow.  Snow in March in Colorado isn’t unusual, but the blizzard that battered us in mid-March was one for the records. I was grateful for the safety and security Country Home Assisted Living was able to provide our eight residents.

Because our country setting is quite open, with a few trees not close to the house, the howling wind swayed the otherwise sturdy ponderosas and created drifts four and five feet high.

We were safe and sound during the storm, but we do have an emergency plan in case of a natural disaster or even a terrorist attack. The state requires it.

Our backup generator will provide heat, lights and water should we lose power in a storm (we didn’t).  And if we must evacuate, we have a home in the mountains that can accommodate more residents than our current household.

Each of our residents has a personal emergency kit containing medical records, medications list, family contacts, and physician contact information. I also keep the information on one sheet, which I use in case I need to call 911. It comprises individuals’ information plus the pharmacy, DNR documentation, and the Medicaid and Medicare numbers. In short, we’re prepared.

And, even though we’re in a lovely country setting, Country Home Assisted Living is still within easy reach of first responders, should we ever need them.

We can always use the moisture spring snow provides, but the next snowfall, hopefully speaking, will lead to early spring flowers!